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Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Song Of The Axe

'They what?'

'Run up the wall and then flip over. Landing on their feet. Astor tries it. But he fell and landed on his bloomin' back. Laid up a couple days. It's not hard though. I did it. Fell a few times.'

'Did they teach you, then?'

'No. They don't speak to me. Sir, I thought I aught to be let go. It's uncomfortable. They all know. Reese would have coshed me if they could. No fun being a slimer.'

'Well. You seem to have botched it. Perhaps so. You'll have to stay off the swigging. No more barley mash.'

- Conservation Between Judge Morton and Some Random Dude of the Ice Valley

I have been waiting for it awhile and it has yet to happen. Until today that is. Tor and Tristal have blundered into a group of people who ferment a beverage they call 'barley mash'. Finally a group who likes to punish their liver. They even blame their more ill advised actions on it. Like me!

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