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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Leather Jacket Update #1

The left sleeve will be chain mail at least to the elbow.

I'm doing it from scratch. I want to spend as little as possible on this this thing. Anyhow I borrowed my father-in-law's electric drill and got a piece of scrap metal from the welding shop I worked at before I was a teacher:

Then I got some left over wire from when I built a Trumpeter Swan from paper mache and used the drill to make tightly coiled springs:

Next I cut all the 'coil loops' apart with a wire cutter:

Lastly, I weave the mail from the cut loops. Here is the start:

Notice my hands taped up with duct tape in those photos? My delicate hands began to blister after 15 minutes of cutting. Duct tape (and ingenuity) came to my rescue.

Wasteland Weekend 2012

This is a Mad Max Festival in the Southern California desert. I can't go this year because I didn't have enough lead time. But next year it's on.

Costumes are required for everyone. Mine will be sweet. First step is to take my old metalhead leather jacket and transform it.

Here is a before pic:

I'll update as needed. It'll be tagged Wasteland Weekend.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


This film looks pretty exciting, looks like the real deal to me. When I saw it last night I thought it was a teaser for The Stand at first. But that's crazy because I don't even think it's stated to film yet. Be that as it may, this appears to a fairly large budget apocalyptic movie with some pretty big-named stars in it.

Come September I know where I'll be. At the front of the line man.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Yet another apocalyptic music video

Been so many lately my blog is flooded with tunes.

Live it up right? School (substituting) and my second masters degree (special education this go 'round) start very very soon.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Musical Interlude The Twentieth

Slow death is what we can expect
Strike will have just this one effect
Condemned to capital punishment
By the nuclear sword of Damocles

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Miracle Mile "I think it's the insect's turn"

Julie: All those chances, I mean ...

Harry: Hey, hey, hey! Don't think about it.

Julie: Oh, God. Hell. It's hell out there now isn't it?

Harry: Just blot it out.

Julie: If you weren't in here with me ... that would be hell. People are going to help each other won't they? I mean rebuild things. The survivors, I mean.

Harry: I think it's the insect's turn.

Julie: Oh ... all your life you think you have time to do everything ... and then it's just ...

Saw this movie was free on demand earlier today and just had to give it a go. Who cares that I own it right? I didn't feel like standing up and putting it in my DVD player when it was right there at the push of a button.

The movie plays like the most twisted version of that old kid's game 'telephone' ever. And it starts with an actual phone call. The only person who knows for sure what was said during the call thought it was a prank caller. There's several points where I found myself wondering if it was true or not as well. I know there were several times when Harry was thinking 'Oh. Shit. What have I started?'

It's the mix of that kid's game with just the slightest dash of the Cassandra syndrome that makes this film so great. Harry knows KNOWS that the missiles are on the way but very few people exept the wingnuts will believe him. It's enough to leave anyone doubting their own sanity.

Anyhow, it was just as great this time as was when I first watched it years ago. As I was telling my friend Megaton it starts off slowly but by the time it's over you're all white knuckles. If you've not seen it before watch it. Now. If you've seen it, well, you should give it another go.

You'll need a hug ... indeed.

Monday, August 1, 2011

The Shade of the Moon by Susan Beth Pfeffer

After many (many) months of wheedling and asking plaintively, Susan Beth Pfeffer has agreed to continue the Moon Trilogy (now named the Moon Saga, winky emoticon) with a fourth Moon Book. Sue, being a Very Nice Person, has been giving all of us Apocalyptic Junkies a look behind the curtain at her blog.

Over the past week or so she's gone through many trials and (dare I say?) tribulations. Anyhow the latest episode involved some fruit flies. In her latest post she refered to these as being a 'symphony of difficulty'. Well Susan it could always be a Symphony of Destruction.

I give you said symphony: