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Monday, February 18, 2013

The Simpsons

Post Apocalypse style. That is all. Enjoy.

via The Simpsons Drawing Club. Thanks guys, keep it up.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Is that Wasteland Weekend I hear?!?!

So some of you constant readers may know that I am not just deep in my special education endorsement add on but rather hip deep in it. I am, right now, doing my final student teaching experience at a local elementary school (hence my long absence from posting). Anyhow, the other morning as I was walking towards the building, I began to hear a noise. It was a noise that sounded very familiar. Took me some time place it ... but I did. I enjoyed the memory so much I hauled out my trusty X3 and filmed it:

Only those who were up very late Saturday night (Sunday morning in fact) at Wasteland Weekend will find that familiar. That night, being the last night of the event, was the wildest, most insane, and most booze soaked. One last night to finish the alchol, eat the rest of your food, and witness the most insane spectacle you had ever seen.

When this footage was shot I was at the end of my endurance. I had only slept about five or six hours over the entire four day event. I  as well didn't want to take any booze home with me or miss out on any fun. So like everyone else there I took out all the stops. I was exhausted and extremely drunk (even for me) when this was filmed. I only vaguely remember even filming it.

I wonder if Aesthetic Meat Front has ever been compared to a flag pole in a brisk wind. I'll let you decide.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Breakers by Edward W. Robertson

'Whatever Obama said, with three quarters of a billion dead just three weeks after the first case and with no cure in sight, Walt figured an average cricket match would outlast civilized society. But the Panhandler didn't just mean the extinction of people. It meant the extinction of dreams.'