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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Drinking in the Rapture: Or what would Harold Camping quaff?

@CGclimateChange of Twitter and Jessica Gelt of The Los Angeles Times ask that age old question: If yesterday was really the last day, if instead of Harold Camping just making a giant jackass out of himself, if what happened had more in common with the movie Last Night instead of fizzle, what then would have been Harold Camping's last drink of choice?

I would suggest that he open up a nice bottle of Ommegeddon Ale from Ommegang Brewery in Cooperstown, NY:

This beer was pretty good. It's not my normal choice of beverage. I usually go for a brew with a bit more hop flavor.

The beer itself here.

It was expensive. The 22 oz. bottle set me back $13.99. I was expecting some bottled magic here. When I got it home I unwrapped the foil, twisted off the wire basket and carefully popped the cork that held the beer pressurized.

Now I don't have a snifter to pour it into (I guess this what is required to get the full effect of the aroma). If any of you wish to purchase me one feel free to let me know. I only come equipped with a set of four pilzner glasses. I made them do. With the glass I didn't get a whole lot of hop aroma.

The color was golden. The head was stark white and very creamy.

There was some sediment but as a homebrewer I'm used to that and left the last half ounce or so in the bottle. The clarity of the brew was not impeded by the yeasty fallout.

The taste. It had a fruity quality. Sweet. I go for beers that are extremely hoppy and excoriate your pallet. This one (although it was a fine tasting beverage) is not what I drink. So your millage my vary.

Harold Camping: Pop the cork. Quaff the drink. Bet you'll find it enjoyable. And the expense I mentioned earlier? You wont have to worry about it will you? You old coot. Plenty of fools gave you everything they have.

Final thought: the bookshelves of doom has had a soundtrack for awhile, as of today it has an official beverage as well.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Without Warning by John Birmingham

"I reckon the universe, or merciful Allah or The Great Pumpkin or whatever, sneezed and blew the good ol' US of A right out it's arse, which as we've seen, a lot pf people think of as A Good Deal. But me, I reckon it means we're about three days away from a Hobbesian fucking meltdown."

Fifi's blank look spoke volumes for a for education that ended when she was only thirteen years old.

"Thomas Hobbes, darling," explained Jules. "A Brit. He invented the idea of the violent clusterfuck, with everyone fighting each other. Like a Jackie Chan movie. Or a cagewrestling free-for-all on the telly. You know, Smackdown or Spankdown or whatever it's called."