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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Look for another post tomorrow ...

Last night I officially submitted my thesis proposal. Working title is Writing Improvement Through Reading. So this it folks, I have the rest of this week and then next week to finish The Pelbar Cycle. After that, The Time Of The Great Buckling Down will be upon us all.

And a cruel twist of irony today saw me assigned as a sub as the librarian at a local high school. I had to deal with looking at The Forest Of Hands and Teeth as well as both 'Hunger Games' books. And yes it was with malice aforethought that I moved 'The Long Walk' over next to The Hunger Games ... I only wish that the Battle Royale series was there for me to move as well. Nothing new under the sun and stuff... Stupid kids and their stupid new books with very old ideas. Rapscallions.

Not to worry though I stuck my thumb in irony's eye. I began to read the next book in the Pelbar Cycle, The Song Of The Axe. And I am two glorious chapter in.

Three words for you ... Tristal is back.

I'll post about An Ambush Of Shadows tomorrow. Liver punishment not withstanding.

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