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Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Fall Of The Shell

"Brudoer found living quarters, the remains of an ancient mushroom farm, fish holding tanks, even a slaughterhouse with an icehouse adjacent to it.

One of the rooms contained a large stock of Sentani weapons and some dried clothing of the Sentani type. Brudoer puzzled on this a long time, finally realising that the early city had fed itself in part by having its hunters masquerade as a Sentani band. It seemed hardly possible. Yet he could see no other explanation, unless some Sentani had allied themselves secretly to the Pelbar."

I can think of another, more sinister reason. Is it possible that the early Pelbar in their desperation to feed themselves kept a human larder? Were the early Pelbar in fact cannibals?

More updates as events warrant.

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