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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Head Gear of the Wastes

This is a do over ... the first was too steam punk. I'm sure you all will agree, this is anything but.

Still a work in progress. Needs a chinstrap and the antlers to be attached. Also more spikes.

Musical Interlude the Twenty Second

Buildings crashing down to a cracking ground
Rivers turn to wood, ice melting to flood
Earth lies in death bed, clouds cry water dead
Tearing life away, here's the burning pay

Sunday, February 12, 2012


Reblogged in part from: All My Heroes Have Day Jobs

"What is Epilogue?" Some say in whispers down darkened alleyways...
Sometimes we answer, "Post Apocalyptic Roaches.", also with a whisper.
"What's that?" they whisper back.
We answer, but with a firmer whisper than the wispy whisper we offered before, "It's sorta like Mad Max... but with cockroaches!"
And then they're all, "Whaaa?" whispering all inquisitive like.
We reply w/ a sterner whisper, "It's a graphic novel. And it's gonna be awesome!"
The "WE" is gonna be my pal Daniel Levitch and I. Daniel is a great guy, and I'm glad I connected with him via our significant others. No, not the whispering alleyway people! Ava & Amber, our lovely maidens of love and stuff!

Looks pretty interesting guys. Will be looking out for it!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Post Apocalyptic Earth Blog: Chevy Silverado "2012" Super Bowl ad

Post Apocalyptic Earth Blog: Chevy Silverado "2012" Super Bowl ad: I saw this and just had to show everyone, I guess I'll end up like Dave. I drive a Ford Bronco...