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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Wasteland Weekend Scrapbook.

These are some (ok most) of the photos I took in the wasteland. Enjoy!
Here is my silhouette ... still feeling a little dorky about the costume.

On the way into the Wasteland this was the first themed vehicle I saw. I knew I was close when I this rolling down the highway.

The Interceptor as viewed from just inside the Gates.

They are ALL the Knight Rider!

Pulse Jet powered go-kart! FUCK YEAH! The event staff wouldn't allow him to drive it though. They said it wasn't to theme. Funny that there was a buggy in Mad Max that had a jet goddamned engine as it's source of momentum. I have a sneaking suspicion that the staff thought A. that it was incredibly loud (it was)and B. that it was incredibly unsafe/deadly (I'm thinking it prolly was).

Pulse Jet from another angle.

No Wasteland it complete without a library.

The crew of crazy bastards from across the street. They sounded Norwegian (I think.) I think that our costumes were of the same mind

Dancer from the Smash Bot camp. Photo taken for educational purposes ... that is mostly to prove ladies do wander the waste as well.

Me full kit. I made almost everything I'm wearing. The chain mail hand sewn pants ... the works.

My tribe 'The Scavengers Cooperative'. From left to right: David, Vault, King of the Wastes and, me; your humble blogger. Quite the crew huh?

Dancer from before shakin what her momma gave her.

A sweet ass themed mower ... green ground effects by night.

A crew that put me and my mad costuming skills to shame.

TOE CUTTER! No need for further descriptions ... dude behind him is right on. Mr. Cutter was shit-faced-hammered by the way.

My crazy-as-fuck bartender for an evening of debauchery. Taken from in front of the bar at the Atomic Cafe. And yes that is assless chaps and a spiked codpiece he's sporting. (Note the Evan Williams bottle in the sculpture and the Smirnoff ... both came from me.)


Another themed vehicle

And another

Pigface and his woman (dancer in background)


Best. Bakini. Ever.


Lead Legion said...

Awesome. I have to get myself to that event one year.

Doctor Futurity said...

Definitely amazing event....must plan to attend next time!

Anonymous said...

I think this looks like a full immersion Thunderdome/Burning Man surreal combo package. That brunette dancer is amazing.