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Monday, October 1, 2012

Musical Interlude the 25th (Wasteland Weekend Edition)

For this interlude I give you the band, All Hail The Crimson King (or, AHTCK). Watched these guys live a few days ago at Wasteland Weekend. Some might say that my camera was just a little jerky but I challenge anyone to hold a cell phone steady while holding a fucking chainsaw bat in their other hand.

Highlights included go-go dancers performing on stage, a midsong zombie attack, the lead vocalist Tim lamenting about the difficulty of singing when your helmet falls over your eyes so you're blind and also when said lead vocalist proposed to his girl friend on stage within the insanity.

One of the highlights of the whole weekend was bringing a gallon of Dinty Moore Wasteland Stout to their camp and sitting shooting the shit.

With no further ado I give you AHTCK

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