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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Last Minute Types

For most of us prepping is not something we even think about. Perhaps WON'T think about till TSHTF. Well no worries. The fine folks over at Map of the Dead have done all the heavy lifting for you. Yes even you ... you
 know who you are. They tell you where to find all the loot you've neglected to horde and even the places to avoid. How nice is that?

Looks as though my part of the will be fairly safe .... for now.

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ft_ball_fn said...

Great find! This is sweet! Interestingly... one of the 'safe' zones in the northern Detroit suburbs are cemetaries :) My suburb is in the redzone... but by just driving north about 1 block we hit 'safe' (not that I'd stop there)...