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Friday, April 27, 2012

Call Me Human by Sergei Marysh in Review

This book is written in diary form. It reads as almost a deathbed confession. From the very beginning the reader is aware that the narrator that the is dieing, slowly, painfully and with more than a couple regrets. The majority of the book is written in retrospect. It's the story of dieing man relating the events that led him to that state.

From the first couple of lines of text, the reader is acutely aware that the narrator has suffered a zombie bite and that what they are holding is in fact the last will and testament of a man who will soon be shuffling around and seeking human flesh.

This volume is in fact his second diary, the first one having been destroyed. In this one he focuses more on the human aspect of the apocalypse. Man's inhumanity to his fellow man is the primary focus of this volume. He says since any potential reader (and he doesn't envision there being any who'd bother) has experienced the same basic events as he has, considering that they are both survivors, he doesn't need to describe the events of the zombpocalpse. He chooses a narrow focus on the human element. At times it's very brutal. Humans treat themselves worse than they treat the undead.

The tale isn't all downward spiral though. There are a couple rays of hope. Seems that being bitten is not an automatic death sentence. Our hero runs into no less then two people ... one who is unproven but one who is confirmed. There a human who is immune to the bites of zombies. That simple nugget is enough to keep the reader on the edge. Is this a deathbed confession or will there be a last minute reprieve when our hero realizes he is not in fact undergoing the transformation?

It's well worth the time you'll spend to learn the answer to that question. Trust me.

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