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Monday, October 3, 2011

Weapons of the Wasteland

My primary weapon will consist of the perfect melding of two sweet armaments you'd want as a scavenger.

The first: A classic Louisville Slugger

The second: A typical chainsaw

Since I had a lot of spare time in my Remedial Reading (Special Education) class ... well because I'm a reading specialist and it's a lot of review for me (right now anyway), I decided to try my hand at some concept art. Hey, it's not my fault she handed us a giant box of crayons during our first class.

That's right. CHAINSAW BAT! Complete with giant metal spikes. YES!

Also for those among you who are just a little more techno savvy than I am, there's a chainsaw bat pictured at about the 46 minute mark in the film Deadland that I tried (with no success) to capture. I have something shiny for the first person to post it. That is all.

Further updates as events warrant.


Gerardoavery cristian said...

Most professional saw blades now come with tri-edged, laser cut teeth for long-lasting sharpness and efficient cutting. Be cautious when you use a chainsaw.

Scruggs Earl said...

What do both the gas powered pole saw and gas powered chainsaw have in common? That's right they both cut things and they both run on gas. sun joe ion8ps2 25 hp electric pole saw will cost about $120-$150.