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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Of Dreams, Dreaming and The Apocalypse

My dreams have aways been vivid. There are times when I've had a week-long miniseries type dream. Most of my dreams have two basic dreamscapes. In one I'm in a tall tower. Think 'the biggest building in the world'. For what ever reason it's a self contained building. Schools and everything inside. I never leave the place. Also, for whatever reason the elevators are extremely opulent. Also they are immense. I am always in the elevators I ride them to the top then go back down. In one dream there's an office inside. Computers. Cubicles. Everything. I didn't have the 'Tower' dream last night.

The other dreamscape is at the beach. Sometimes I think it's Hawaii in them because I have to get on a plane to get there. Other times the dream opens with me there already. I always stay at a beach house. And I mean it's right on the beach. Sometimes the house is up on a cliff. Other times it's almost on the sand.

I always do the same types of things too. But it's in the doing that the dream takes the sideways run and becomes different. Sometimes I'm fishing, and one time I fished right off the back porch. Sometimes I walk through the street market/fair that's in constant motion about a block from the house. Other times I take a walk either through the city or along the beach. Many times it's a combination.

The house is always filled with friends. Some of these I can't remember when I wake up, some are amalgams of two or more people, but always always my wife Millie is with me. I know she's there even if she's "off frame".

In the dream I had last night I takek a walk through the street fair. Stop places and have a beer or two (because I'm a beer tourist). Eat food and have a great time. I have my cell phone with me and know that my wife is out with some friends but that we are going to meet on the beach at sunset. I am supposed to call her when I am done exploring the street fair and am on the way to the beach.

After wandering the fair for a bit I begin to make my way to the beach. It's still a bit of a walk so I don't call yet.

Then a strange thing happens. It's a dream so it only seems strange when you wake up. Time lurches forward. It's now past sunset. The day has entered my favorite time. The Blue World. It's that time that exists for only about five minutes just after the sun has set. The whole world turns blue. It's at this time that I am entering the beach. I notice that there seems to be more people there than normal. It's filled with people.

Millie is not with me. But I don't find this strange. We've met and watched the sunset and she has gone back to rejoin 'the ladies'. We meet and then do our own thing a lot not in dreamscape so I didn't think anything of it.

As I walk along the beach the night begins in earnest. Lights in the city come on, the moon rises. I continue to walk along the beach.

Then from the far distance I hear voices begin to rise. That's not normal. The beach is always been fairly peaceful (well there was the big storm that one time). The voices become more urgent and louder. I picke up the phrase 'radio' in all the babbling.

Soon after a squadron of jets flies over. They come from the far side of the city then cross over the beach and continue out over the ocean.

As I turn my head to follow the path of the jets my gaze falls on the moon. It is bright and full in the cloudless sky.

It is also moving rapidly from horizon to horizon and tumbling as it does so. When everyone else on the beach notices this panic sets in. Everyone begins to run. I stand firm and watch the moon. It is still tumbling and moving quickly across the sky, but now it looks as if large areas are on fire.

Time lurched again and I find myself running down the beach with everyone else. I hold my cell phone in my hand and frantically try to call my wife. The signal isn't going through. I try several more times and then put the phone in my pocket.

Up ahead on the beach is some sort of large tent or pavilion and everyone is going into it. I follow them. Everyone is getting into a line. At the front, there is a lady who looks Chinese but speaks in a Russian accent. She hands me a chocolate bar and says that it's the best I'd ever taste and that it'd make me feel better.

I open the wrapper and take a bite.

It's then that I wake up. I look around my dark bedroom, reach over and pat my wife on the behind and think to myself 'wow, that was weird'. Then I go back to sleep.

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