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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Without Warning by John Birmingham

"I reckon the universe, or merciful Allah or The Great Pumpkin or whatever, sneezed and blew the good ol' US of A right out it's arse, which as we've seen, a lot pf people think of as A Good Deal. But me, I reckon it means we're about three days away from a Hobbesian fucking meltdown."

Fifi's blank look spoke volumes for a for education that ended when she was only thirteen years old.

"Thomas Hobbes, darling," explained Jules. "A Brit. He invented the idea of the violent clusterfuck, with everyone fighting each other. Like a Jackie Chan movie. Or a cagewrestling free-for-all on the telly. You know, Smackdown or Spankdown or whatever it's called."

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