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Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Musical Stylings of Wastelander. Wardrive on CD. \m/ >< \m/

I guess it had to happen eventually. Every couple months or so I go to Google and type in 'Apocalyptic Music'. I spend some time looking around for music I've not heard of before. I listen to the song and if it grows on me I take a quote that distills the song its essence. I post the quote and the video. The song then becomes a 'Musical Interlude'. The last musical interlude was a song by Wastelander. I noticed Wastelander on another blog. I listened to an entirely random song on Youtube. It was pretty goddamn sweet. So I did the normal.

Then I listened to another song. It was even more badass than the first. I found their M'Space. I read what the influences of the band were. What the idea behind what the band was and whatnot. Here it is:

" Enter the Wasteland.

A fever dream made flesh. Apocalyptic visions from a paranoid prophet of doom long since driven insane by his own obsessions. Grinding rhythmic sonicscapes, seething with energy and despair. Casual observations from the edge of the cataclysmic abyss at the end of our time. Amongst the death of our planet, atrophying in this vapid culture, and from the voids of the mind.

THE POST-APOCALYPSE COMETH AND THE TIME IS NOW!!! Lansing, Michigan. The Infernal City. A blastscape of banality on the edge of despair. A city under siege by malaise and apathy, and filled with sheer emptiness. Boredom so crushingly harsh that it grinds the spirit down to the bone, leaving a numbed shell. Located in the lowest ranked state in the nation, it has quickly become everyone's favorite place to flee. All that remain are the desperate, the stubborn, and battle hardened individuals with wills of steel, existing on chaos, substances, and introverted mindscapes.

It is within this 21st century wasteland that two survivors rose from the ashes of their fallen bands XAPHAN ( Summon ) and MATT WAR ( Harbinger ) to distill the surrounding desolation to it's most visceral, sonic form. Unfazed by a lack of willing and/or skilled musicians, the uncompromising duo accompanied by a drum machine, systematically recorded five songs of blacknroll fury and unleashed the 2007 DEMO upon the unsuspecting masses. The debut album Wardrive was paroled Summer 2008, amidst a flurry of excitement and revolving drummers. In Summer 2009 Wastelander will join forces with Abigail to expunge the infernal split "Nuke and Puke". More surprises to come.

The stage is now set for WASTELANDER to run wild on Infernal City and lands beyond. Spreading like a doomsday virus, and trekking the terminal zones to bring you scavengers rocking road-warrior black metal. Overcoming the odds, enflaming the unbelievers, and forever ruling Bartertown, WASTELANDER WILL DEFY!!!"

Needless to say I was hooked. Now the album Wardrive is not the simplest thing in the world to come by. There are a few people selling it on Ebay. I bought the cheapest one offered. It showed up in my mail box sometime last week. I had been punishing my liver but that didn't stop me from sitting in my driveway, drinking a beer and listening to it at a high volume. The CD was pure gold front to back. Also this is my first 'Music' entry in my PA Library. That's right The Bookshelves of Doom now has a soundtrack. It's the only album I've found that is pure apocalypse.

Also since I've not found the lyrics anywhere else, I'd thought it'd be swell and neato to post them here. Enjoy.



The battle is over
The war's just begun
An endless procession
The worst still to come

All systems go
At the start of the show
Deadly reactor
And its ready to blow
We bring the Wardrive
Full metal force
Hellbent to redline
With a boot to the floor
Head on collision
Demolition and rock
Over the limit
But unable to stop
Driven by wounds
Impervious high

Anomalous breakdown
Can't hold them back
Razor aggression
Full scale attack
Engorging the racing
The lust to combust
Harder than die hard
Nuclear rush


Nothing left but violence
And nowhere to go but down
Infernal city silence
Settles down like a burial shroud
Hotwire the hardwire
Overclocked to the point of distress
Burning up and burning out
Bound to take it over the edge

Eruption of the morning light
blasting like a funeral bell
Too much is never enough
The nights of fury the days of hell

Now it's time for mayhem
I do what I please
Systematically shellshocked
I've got the disease
On the brink of disaster faster
Than a bullet bursting into the brain
Self destruct totally fucked
As another day goes down the drain


Just one resolution
Just one final creed
Nightriders of destruction
Fulfill their primal need
This land is ruled by thieves
This land is ruled by power
Old laws do not exist
Resist and be devoured

The law of the desert land
Beneath the setting sun
The plunder from
A dead man's hand
There will be no time to run

Abandoned highways fallen to decay
Nomadic maniacs
We're hunting for our prey
Killer instinct calculating mind
Run with the pack
Or we'll leave you far behind
Nowhere to hide
From the rolling thunder force
Crushed beneath by wheels of steel
12000 pound scrap metal machine
Your mangled corpse will make my meal


Not another living soul
For miles and miles around
Isolation takes its toll so all alone
Dehydrated worn
And tired senses dulled
Delirium starts to unfold
Consuming you

Sensory deprivation
Mental suffixation
Feel no longer whole
Can't maintain control

Serene oasis in the distance
Hallucinations of fatigue
Loved ones calling me
From within their shallow graves
Their voices echo in my mind

I am the Wastelander
The master of my fate
No man shall stand before me
Mine to dominate


What do you say to a dying man
Words seem to disappear
A life before you
At the languished end
Expiration is so near
Consuming impulse swarms across
The cells burning from inside out
This march to death
Cannot be stopped
No hope of any redoubt

Pill grim and skeleton bare
Fallout blows the plague is spread
Bodies farther than the eye can see
Knee deep in the dead
No way to stop the onslaught
No comfort in this massacre
Biological tragedy
Knee deep in the fucking dead

Chemo scarred fragile and weak
Fluids pouring out by the score
Devastation the outlook is bleak
A shattered species covered in sores
Where is the savior
When comes the relief
Unebbing tide of human lives
Medication not nearly enough
To stem the tide of deadly disease


Tonight the city burns
Shockwaves and firestorms
Ripping through your flesh in torment
Not a fraction of life remains
Cast into a sea of flame
A crater where the kingdom fell
Armageddon at last is here
Break out the guns and beer
As we drink to man's demise

Bombs fall death calls
Population all reduced to nothing
Last blast critical mass
All alone in the land of the dead
Bombs fall death calls
Population all reduced to nothing
Last blast critical mass
All alone in the land of the dead

You looked so disgraced
With a face full of nuclear waste
Bet you wish that
You never crossed me now
Wont ever be destroyed
Rising up from the inner void
Born again from the depths of despair


It comes for me a lifeless front
White hazed hell upon the hills
And through the mist an icy fist
Shattering my senses
Plowing through defenses
On every horizon
Chrystal walls are closing in
Blistering the atmosphere
Engulfing all you see
Flash frozen to a bitter degree
Frost Storm

Subzero hammer
Pounding through the frozen wastes
Brutal avalanche burying decay
The roar of a thousand angry gods
As cold scorch winds descend on you

Every single second
tears the breath away
Rapid elemental shift
Falling fahrenheit the air grows thin
Blood frozen before it's bled
Frostbitten and left for dead
Steamrolling like a tidal wave
Bulldozer from the north
Tempest howls out the arctic assault
Drowning out the light
Obscured by winter blight
Frost storm


Stand or fall
One last battle to save them all
Lock and load
Gaining ground as the bombs explode
Merchants of death
Dealing death till there's nobody left
Can't take much more
The final combat the final war

Get ready here it comes
Brighter than a thousand suns
The end coming that was foretold
Since the dawn of time
Doomed situation
Last stand of civilization
It's all over can't you see
On the way to world war three

Virulent dread
Breeding destruction
Cannot face the storm
Final combat


Enter the wastelands
That stretch before your eyes
A barren image of defeat
Chared crumbling wreckage
That reaches to the skies
Annihilation is complete

Ready your weapons
So few are left alive
So fight to live or join the dead
The right to kill
And the struggle to survive
The sky is black the blood is red

Never seen such devastation
Never felt so alone
On this dead empty world
Of broken flesh and stone
Suspended disbelief
The land stripped bare
Anguished cries ring hollow
In the poisoned air

Never seen such devastation
Never felt so alone
Wasteland warriors
Come claim your toxic home
Never seen such devastation
Never felt so alone
Wasteland warriors
Sits on his ruined throne

Renegade hunters
And mutants of the wild
All competing for your life
Creeping cancers and radiation burns
Over a million ways to die
Only the strongest
Stand triumphant to the odds
Bodies dropping to the sand
Heat singed holy books
And long forgotten gods
Are just the refuge of the damned

Wastelander will defy
The will of iron never dies


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