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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Deep Impact (more)

Just a couple more things about the movie quickly here.

Thing the First: I know this is a really old movie. I've owned it for a long time I just haven't watched it in awhile. I remember when it first came out. I was working in the theater when it came out so I was even able to watch it free. But Wait! There's more! The theater being in Oregon (Beervana) the theater served beer. And back then I was a crazy ass punk rocker so I didn't care about rules an' stuff. So I'd fill up a stealth cup with beer (it was Full Sail Amber). There's nothing quite like watching a movie with a 44 ounce cup of free beer. So yeah ... an older movie that my younger self dug and it held up well. Things that made my chest tighten up still did. My only concern about the movie was an impact like like that in the Atlantic would have ended life as we know it even if it wasn't an Extinction Level Event, the wave still went all the way to the Tennessee River Valley. That's covers our entire population center. One would have to imagine it did similar damage to Western Europe. What would a world be like Eastern Europe suddenly being the only major countries who were unaffected?

Thing the Second: Leelee Sobieski looks creepily like Helen Hunt. That's all I could think about the first time I watched this movie and it was the same this time. Just type 'helen hunt look alike' into google. She the first result. And then it goes on for pages. Just weird.

That is all.

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