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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

More PA from The Twilight Zone

So yeah, I've not gotten the new post done. Maybe I'm just tired of typing? Yup bet that's it. Anyhow I found another PA jem from the 80s.

... and after much trying and a little more bad luck, it turns out that for whatever reason if you'd like to view 'Quarantine' you need to do so at Youtube. Not to worry, I'll provide the link.

It takes place something like 350 years in the future. People in this time live a lot like people did in the 1800s I'd say. To the outsider they are primitive. A closer look reveals (in true 'Zone' form) what's really going on.

So here it is at last Quarantine in three parts. ONE, TWO, THREE. Enjoy.

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