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Wednesday, June 30, 2010


A quick one here. At the post-apocalyptic forums we just got the 70th member. Goes by the handle bmb. He is the author of a fairly righteous webcomic called 'Kranburn'.

Bmb describes it as:

"a post-apocalypse webcomic based in Australia, it’s a ‘nearly everyone died in a plague’ kind of apocalypse so the landscape isn’t blasted, more nature slowly taking back over. Also its more semi-real, so no mutants or robots etc (not that there’s anything wrong with a Fallout/STALKER type universe, its just not mine).There’s 44 pages up so far and it updates every Monday. suggested for mature readers, the violence gets a bit nasty and there is the odd (chortle) swear word."

I'm only seven pages in and hooked.

Check it out won't you please? Kranburn

And I'm still working on a new post to catch up. No worries.

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