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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Key Vest for Wasteland Weekend

I started with five gallon bucket half filled with all the miscut key my friend Deathrattle could scavenge for me on his truck route (he drives for a smaller chain of hardware stores). I sat them out in the weather over the fall and winter to age and when that didn't work I soaked them in vinegar to really get the shine off.
All that remained was to scavenge a roll of thin gauge mild wire from my aunt and uncle.

I started drilling a small hole in the tip of each key with a drill press:

When I had a goodly amount of them drilled I wove the mild steel wire through the top of one key and then through the small hole I had drilled:

 Once I had enough keys to make one pass around my torso I wove wire through the top the same way:

I figure another seven of these and the shoulder parts and my vest will be done. And my fingers will be very blistered. See you in the Wastes.


Russ said...

Hey, that's a great idea for wasteland armor. If you like post apocalyptic fiction you should check out my book on Google Books, "The Walker in the Dust book 1: Alive"

it's a lot less wordy than most of the stuff out there. story moves briskly and there's no getting bored IMHO. Hope you check it out, CozyCatastrophe!

King of the Wastes said...

read this in dracula voice "I'll see you there"