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Monday, April 22, 2013

Free Apocalyptic Books (Seventeen)

Same drill. These are free but for an undetermined length of time. Get them now in other words.

1) Claws by Ricky Sides, Frankie Sutton and Jason Merrick

2) Incompatible by Chantelle Feasel, Erica Feasel, Eileen Feasel and Derik Irvin

3) NEW LIFE by Ben Fuller and Sarah Fuller

4) The Eclective: The Apocalypse Collection by Tara West, R G Porter, P J Jones and M Edward McNally

5) Last Night on Earth by Jake Arky, Khairani Barokka, Natanya Ann Pulley and Amelia Gray


russell1200 said...

Sometimes the British-American vernacular is a bit different. I had always thought that knackered meant drunk. Somehow that didn't sound exactly correct, so I looked it up.

You need to get more rest.

Fear Death By Water said...

Naw.... I am well rested. Nattering nonstop. Brewing, drinking, and reading. Thanks for stopping by.