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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Weekly Free Apocalyptic Books (six)

These are all free for now. But hop to it ... they could vanish at any time.

1)  From the Fire by Kent David Kelly

2 Unnatural Disasters by Daniel Pyle, Scott Nicholson, William Meikle and Robert J. Duperre

4) Breakers by Edward W. Robertson


russell1200 said...

From the Fire sounds like a teaser to as yet unwritten novel.

I started American Book of the Dead and lost steam along the way: unusual for me. It had an odd delivery sequence with confusing multiple timelines. It just took a long time to really get going. I'll have to dig it out of my stack and give it another try.

Breakers looked interesting. I have been ignoring the Alien Invasion theme when doing my reviews.

Fear Death By Water said...

Yeah, I generally just comb through the listings on Amazon that both are offered at no cost to download and look halfway interesting.

So far I've found two really very good free books: H10N1 and Caretaker the rest have been meh...

Thanks for stopping by.