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Sunday, February 12, 2012


Reblogged in part from: All My Heroes Have Day Jobs

"What is Epilogue?" Some say in whispers down darkened alleyways...
Sometimes we answer, "Post Apocalyptic Roaches.", also with a whisper.
"What's that?" they whisper back.
We answer, but with a firmer whisper than the wispy whisper we offered before, "It's sorta like Mad Max... but with cockroaches!"
And then they're all, "Whaaa?" whispering all inquisitive like.
We reply w/ a sterner whisper, "It's a graphic novel. And it's gonna be awesome!"
The "WE" is gonna be my pal Daniel Levitch and I. Daniel is a great guy, and I'm glad I connected with him via our significant others. No, not the whispering alleyway people! Ava & Amber, our lovely maidens of love and stuff!

Looks pretty interesting guys. Will be looking out for it!

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