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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Die2Nite Flash Fiction: The Unsightly Tomb Day 13

It only took a look from the top of the watchtower yesterday for the full scope and magnitude of the situation to fully sink in. A horde of 1761 zombies were lurching and groaning toward our gates. Our defenses stood at a mere 1139 points. With all of temporary defenses in place the defense wasn't going to get any better. Even worse, all the buildings had been camped so there was no hope of a last minute reprieve.

With hands shaking and sheer panic near-to-hand I walked to the bank. I had seen the note posted on the town bulletin board about defenses (that in previous days had aptly kept the horde out of town) were now to be distributed amongst the citizens. I withdrew my allotment and carried them back to my shack.

As I was placing the wooden board and the sheet metal in front of the door I heard someone tacking a note to my door. I opened it just in time to see EnglishNinja dart away (The general defense of the town had depended on his quick thinking these past two weeks so I understood why he was in such a hurry).

The note asked me if I could drink the Wake the Dead in the bank. He wanted me (in my hammered state) to convert 3 scrap irons to wrought iron and then build a fence around my shack when I was finished. Another citizen needed my sheet metal.

After I had finished the fence I went back inside my shack. If I was to die this night I'd do it drunk.

I closed my eyes and went to sleep.

At midnight I was awakened to loud, pain filled screams. I ran to my door and opened it the slightest crack. "Tinted!", I called out. "Can you hear me? Are you ok? Megaton! Hang in there!"

I saw a group five of zacks turn their heads and begin to climb over my newly constructed fence. I paused to wish my coalition mates some luck, then slammed the door. I heard the five pounding on the door and was sure they'd break it down any second. I grabbed my Wooden board and put it over myself as I hid under my bed. Maybe if I stayed very still and didn't cry out they'd think I was camping the Post Office again.

The door eventually gave way and all five made it in. They slammed around for a bit. They left without finding me. It might be because I had gone this past two weeks without out ever cleaning my house or uniform, I'll not know. But after the experience I was left even sweatier and much stinkier. Even my faithful labradoodle Munchybunny is keeping her distance.

I had to shove with more force than normal to wedge my door open enough so I could get out. In all the chaos of the horde breaching the walls the streets are filled with even more debris than normal. The spikes, the bonfire, our cannon and even our garbage heap had been broken and scattered all through the town.

Other than the trash the streets were empty. No one had ventured out. I went to TintedGrey's shack first. I pounded on her door. No answer. With heavy heart I pulled the door open and peeked inside. Tinted had attempted to hide under her bed as well. She chose to hug a broken guitar instead of pull the defensive objects with her. Half of her was still there under it. The other half was across the room.

I stepped inside and rifled through my rucksack. I pulled out a water ration and poured it all over her remains. I backed away quickly as it bubbled and steamed. "I'd never allow you to become a shambler. Rest easy friend."

I closed the door and continued to Megaton's shack. The streets were still empty. I began to wonder if I was the only person left. But then I hear a distant voice. It sounded an awful lot like Pooper. I was not alone after all.

As I stood outside Megaton's shack, I was still. I listened very carefully. No sounds emerged from within. I knocked gently. Still hoping my friend had made it. No answer. I knocked louder. Still no response. I knocked with all my might. Nothing.

I heaved a heavy sigh and pulled the door open a crack. Peeked inside. From the coppery odor that emanated from within I knew the worst has happened. My friend had been devoured.

I stepped fully into the shack. He was in an even worse state than I found Tinted in. Either more had come for him or they had been hungrier. His entire mid section was gone. I was only able to find one of his legs and his upper torso.

Once again I opened mu rucksack and pulled out a water ration. "I took care of Tinted the same way Megaton. I know you'd do the same for me buddy. Rest easy." With that I poured the ration over him and walked out into the sunlight.

We lost 12 citizens last night to the horde. 12 of the finest citizens it's ever been my pleasure to scavenge and build and well .... survive beside.

I know I'll join them soon. There's just 14 of us left. I'm standing at the tower now and the horde is much larger than last night. Much. More then 2125 will come for us tonight. At least I am certain the TintedGrey and Megaton will not be among them. I can live with that.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Dude, you know I'd do the same for you...