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Friday, November 19, 2010


This game is currently in beta testing and is only playable by invitation. Premise is you are a member of a town of 40 people. During the day you scavenge and build your town. Every night at 22:30 (or so) the zombie horde lurking outside attack.

So far I'm enjoying it. The only problem is that you start the game with 6 action points. If you get water and food that will give 12 more. You can use 18 action points in about 5 minutes. If you're outside the gates when that happens you're meat. Don't let it happen. The game looks very interesting but if you explore too much it's the end of you.

Got your interest peeked? Want an invite? I got four.

HG5JUYUZ (used)
3HW1VCEB (used)
CGS5SL14 (used)
AYZ5Q9TN (used)

Sponsor: Fear

First come first served. Just let me know in the comments so I change their status. And remember KEEP TRACK OF YOUR AP!


Tinted Grey said...

I'd like to take one.(the first one)



Fear Death By Water said...

use it up. careful about posting things in the forums there. seems survivors of the zombie apocalypse are bitchy little girls. who knew right?

TintedGrey said...

HAHA. Thanks Fear.
I'll be careful about what I post.