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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Boredom = Bracelet

As it happens over and over with me, when I get bored I start a new project. This blog and my twitter account are perfect examples. I get bored things happen. Anyhow a shirt that I bought from Dirty and Distressed is due to show up anytime. This is not a shirt you can wear with just any piece of clothing. To that end I've spent the last weekend washing and rewashing an old pair of Levi's. Also to go along with this whole thing I re-purposed an old corduroy jacket, a worn out pair of khakis and an old belt to make a bracelet to complete the whole look.

This is the bracelet:

I'll get a picture of the shirt later.

And yes my wife thinks it's terrible and that I'm a dork. Whatever.

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