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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Efferent Reading ... the Horror ... the Horror

Some of you more observant readers might have noticed the book I've been reading has been the same for quite some time. Well I'll you in on a little something here. My life as of late has been non-stop professional literature that ties in to my thesis. It's all been very interesting and very informative but not the sort of stuff I'd post here. Since life has been literary I thought I'd do a literary post of sorts.

I found this gem of a film at Bookshelves Of Doom. I think it's funny. I need a good laugh about now.

So, yeah enjoy. Ill be watching 'Daybreakers' here soonish. May post about it may not. We'll see. Don't worry I haven't stopped loving death and destruction ... I'd just rather read about the destruction and not so much experience it.

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