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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Autumn (finished)

Well ... I'm about twenty-five minutes from the end of the movie. I had to stop the viewin' because my lovely wife wanted to watch her stories (as is her wont). So far one word sums it up: yawn. Don't get me wrong there's a good twenty-five minutes left and those are zombie-filled horror-movie minutes. Everyone knows those are like NFL minutes. Anything may happen. I for one hope it does.

More updates as events warrant.


About those last twenty-five minutes... they were sorta like NFL minutes in that they seemed to be endless. The movie never got better. It did have the obligatory 'zombie tears the human apart' scene near the end (as all good Romero homages aught) but that wasn't enough to redeem it in my eyes.

So it all begins with a vicious plague that kills 99% of the people on earth. So far I'm in, in a giant way. The scene when the kids in class all start spouting blood from all their face holes and then snuff was particularly jolting. The kids die horribly in front of their teacher who turns out to be one of the 1% who live. Later the survivors begin to find each other. For some reason they do nothing with all the corpses. They don't bury them, burn them, move them out of sight or anything. They just leave them to rot in the street and wonder if they might be at risk for cholera or typhus. Bit later the corpses begin to blink and twitch and some stand and begin to shuffle around. The author, David Moody, decided to go with slow moving undead. They begin to move faster but they do it veeeerrrrrry slowly. I waited for the payoff at the but I was disappointed.

My opinion here is that since David Moody released the first book in the Autumn Series for free, he didn't put much content in it hoping that people would return for the second part. A bit like the give you the razor sell you the blades that Gillette does. The movie would have probably been better if Autumn would have been half the movie and Autumn: The City would be the other half. The way it is now I not only will probably not only not watch any Autumn sequels I bet I won't read Autumn (or the sequels) either. Just too many good books to read and movies to take in.

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