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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Finished Reading 'The Breaking Of Northwall'

I frigging enjoyed reading this filthy book you fish-suckers! I'd friggin read it too if I were you. I'm a frigging pig-snout for having left this gem on the bookshelves of doom so long. Alright enough of that. I don't know exactly what Paul has against cursing ... perhaps it's just a 'more refined' sort of telling a person off. For whatever reason it was comedy gold. Kids looking at me today as I read and chuckled over the Tantal. Those filthy swamp donkeys have better cursing than the Brits.

All in all this book reminded me a bit of The Magician Series by Raymond Fiest. Not the magic part but the traveling and the fighting bits. The Breaking Of Northwall is not the type of post-apocalyptic book I normally like. I enjoy reading about the event itself and not so much the far reaching after effects. This still was unput-downable.

Bit of irony/serendipity when I read a portion of the book. At one point our hero Jestak is making his triumphant return to Northwall when his lady friend falls in a hole. When he follows her, they discover they are in a classroom/sepulchre. Jestak describes the teacher's desk, and guess what?!? It's the same as the desk I was behind. He describes the student desks and guess what?!? They are the same as the ones the students were using. Then he describes a metal object with bits of wood and black powder inside. I glance to my left what do I see?!? A pencil sharpener. I'm thinking CRAP if a nuke hits now it could be me Jestak finds skeletonized and powdery on the desk.

Pretty good book ... I'm just into The Ends Of The Circle now. It takes place 'two falls' after the events of The Breaking Of Northwall and stars different people. Jastak and the events of 'Northwall' have been mentioned in passing. I don't know if the old cast will make much of a showing or if it will be entirely new.

More updates as events warrant.

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MEGAT├śN said...

Hey Dude, glad you liked it too. I haven't started Ends of the Circle yet, but I'll definitely do the entire series again soon.

If I remember right, each book introduces new characters, and then book 7 is kind of a reunion tour where everyone gets back together again.