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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Random find....

I never quite know where I'll end up working when I wake up. Can be a great day or a bad day ... it's all up to chance. Today was a pretty good day with kids who were decently behaved. No great stories of high school hijinks just a boring day in the world of substitute teaching. There were two or three bright spots of cool however. First the teacher I was in for was British. When I called her to get some details about how the day was supposed to go, she called me 'luv' about three times. Also after detailing the myriad things the kids could do she ended the conversation with 'and if they can't think of anything to do they just sit and twiddle their bloody thumbs'. Goddamn the British have some spectacular slang/swears.

The second thing that was sweet was the play. I guess the freshmen class were putting on a version of Romeo and Juliet. It was an hour-long play. I had been prepared to be bored and not like it. At the beginning it went sorta badly. The first scene was a homage to West Side Story with Montagues and Capuletes instead of Sharks and Jets. It was sort of cheesy and I thought 'Oh no, this is going to be the suck.' But it wasn't. After that it turned out pretty good. Of course, the ninth graders hated it and commented how terrible it was as they left, but ninth grade kids hate everything. Contrary to popular belief it was good. Reminded me a bit of the update from 1996.

The third thing was the best however. These kids have a fun teacher as it turns out. I don't know if this assignment had been done already or if it was laying in wait for another time. Apparently the kids had to get into groups and order a list of possible doomsday scenarios from most likely to least likely. My personal opinion on least likely would be 'simultaneous human combustion'. Not even Exit Mundi has thought of that one!
**UPDATE: This random blogger has put together a much more comprehensive list of possible doomsday scenarios ... alas like Exit Mundi he failed to mention worldwide, simultaneous, Spontaneous Human Combustion. **

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