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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Stand at the half way point ...

I don't even remember how many times I've read this book. It is and remains my very favorite book about the apocalypse. I am at the point however where the book gets a bit less interesting for me. I enjoy the whole 'society breaking down' bit but I find that I liked it best when all the people were by their onesome (Mother Abigail). The book seems to bog down a bit when they begin to get together. I'm at that point now. In my mind I see like the scene from T2 when the T-1000 gets frozen in liquid nitrogen then is shot. The pieces all separate and are far apart. I am at the point in The Stand where all little chunks clump up. The book is still fantastic, I just like it more when they are wandering and scavenging. Also since I've been through the book countless times I know good parts are coming up. They wander and scavenge on the way to Vegas and on the way back too. So I remember that it's worth it. Reading it with 36 year old eyes has been a richer experience then the 20 year old eyes that read it last time.

This trip through the book I've been reading a bit more carefully than I have ever done (I tweeted The Stand for a bit but got bored). I have found WAY more errors than the glaring one I wrote about long ago. It's been more than a year and Mr. King has yet to respond to the open letter. I won't hold my breath. More updates as events warrant.

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