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Friday, April 24, 2009

** The Stand? **

I know it's been forever since an update here. An excuse? I am a substitute teacher (translation I kill any pain with many beers - hard enough to read when you're hammered harder still to type cognisant thought.) Also I am a Grad Student. Yes indeed one day this pathetic hammered soul will actually be teaching and not be just an underpaid babysitter. One day ... oh well.

Anyhow to tide over any followers (do you people read this... hummmm) I have been reading about this for a couple days. Seems to effect adults mostly. So the world of Fire-Us or Jeremiah or Empty World may come to pass.

So is it swine flu or Captain Trips?

I guess we'll find out.

Also ... even though I have been doing quite a lot of drunken reading I haven't done much posting. And let me tell you I found a real jem in 'The Bookshelves of Doom'. More later I guess ... if there is a later.

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